Saturday, June 7, 2008

I Totally Thought of it First!

I had this great idea for a board game. Sort of a party game where everyone gets a fist full of various dice. These dice would be rolled in order to simulate a combat system sometimes, or try to roll certain numbers to accomplish goals that vary from scoring points, or gaining/loseing dice to roll in order to win. I haddn't worked out all the details, but essientially, the game would just be a vehicle for rolling fistfuls of dice. I thought it was clever.

But darn it all, if somebody else didn't think of it first!

Back to my day job, then.


Plazmalamp said...

i saw that in barns and noble my understanding is that its 30 some different games.

Fuzzy said...

From what it looks like, It's about 30 mini-games. Like Mario Party without the Mario.

Or party.