Friday, June 6, 2008

Harold and Kumar Skip This One

Krystal Burger at Atlanta International Airport

The story as I understand it, when my mother was pregnant with me, she had occasional cravings for Krystal Burgers. For those that don't know, Krystal Burger is a White Castle wannabe fast food joint that found in the Southern States. I came across one at the Atlanta Airport, so I decided to bring this thing full circle and get lunch here.

Krystal B

C'mon, Mom, I know you have better standards than this! Ok, it wasn't bad, but still no White Castle. The chili-fries could have been better, too.

BONUS FACT: When Mom was pregnant with my sister, she had a passion for roller coasters. Yeah, they don't want you doing that kinda stuff when expecting a child these days.

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ninjaterp said...

They particularly don't want you doing roller coasters after eating a dozen Krystal burgers, pregnant or not!