Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fuzzy Goes West: Now Firefox Friendly!

If you use the Firefox browser to read Fuzzy Goes West, you probably noticed that all my posts up until now dropped below the sidebar on the left. This was caused by some tinkering with the HTML by me, which was done in order to make my pictures appear in full; the medium sized ones from Flickr were being cut off on the right side. After fumbling with the values for a while, I finally got it to display everything the way I wanted it to. That is, until I tried to load it in Firefox.

I let this slide for a while, but after a classic Mac vs. PC skirmish with my sister, I decided to just go back and adjust it properly.

Summation of the Argument:
ME: If my blog is changed the way I want it to, and it appears correctly in the brower I use, why are you telling me Internet Explorer sucks becuase my blog displays incorrectly in your browser?

HER: By using an inferior product that encorages sloppy coding, you are contributing (in a small way) to Micro$oft's mission to crush all it's competitors, especially the better ones, and bringing an additude of apathy to standardized coding!

I know there's many ligitimate reasons for the disdain of IE over Firefox (mostly security), but this isn't one of them. Nevertheless, it was way past time to fix the template so it displays correctly.


Tiffany said...

It's a totally legitimate reason. Optimizing for IE's non-standard rendering is just encourages the IE team to not get with the standards program. It's the equivalent of giving candy to the kid throwing a tantrum in public. It just encourages bad behavior that makes everyone else miserable. If Internet users (the customer) start demanding better behavior from IE (the product), eventually Microsoft (the company) will have to deliver what the market demands. It's called capitalism, and it's a beautiful thing.

Besides, rule #1 of any kind of web design/development is that you optimize for your users, not for yourself.

Laedelas Greenleaf said...

Yay! Camino runs off of Firefox...I am happy. Thanks, Fuzz!