Thursday, June 5, 2008

Cardstock Tragedy

You always hear about these horror stories that happen to friends, or a friend of a friend. You listen casually and think "Oh my! How terrible!" and then walk away thinking that it can never happen to you. You keep your things tucked away in a secure location. You think your somehow immune.

Then, it happens.

For a while, you're stunned. Looking at those things that took so long to store up. Destroyed before your eyes. All the good times dancing in your memory, once taken for granted, now all you have left of your possessions. You know you should be thankful that no one was hurt, but in the short term, that's just not comforting enough.

My landlord will be getting a call about the leak in the closet ceiling. I'll try not to get too choked up when I tell him about this:

Magic: The Floodening

If you have the stomach, click the picutre for a full autopsy of the damage.


MWBartko said...
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MWBartko said...

I am so sorry for your loss :( I know that nobody can really know how you are feeling, but one year that happened to me but it was shit from the upstairs bathroom so I kinda feel your pain.