Saturday, November 24, 2007

You have aquired: Permanent Address!

Monday, I'll make the final move from my hotel room to my house. Today I took a trip to the "local" Wal-Mart to pick up some kitchen and household stuff (sneer quotes used here due to the fact that the Wal-Mart is about 40 miles away, so "local" is reletive). It's difficult to remember all of the little things that you use everyday at home that you take for granted when you have to buy all of this stuff yourself, like a kitchen sized waste basket, a drying rack for dishes, and paper towels.

I think I got the basics taken care of, thanks to having to use a poorly equiped kitchen to remind me what I need, but I'm sure that some day soon, I'll reach for the whatchamacalit, only to discover that I totally forgot to pick-up a whatchamacalit. Duh! I used the whatchamacalit every friggin' day since I was a kid, and somehow, I totally neglected to grab a new whatchamacalit for my place. I'll have to improvise with the thing-a-ma-jig until I can run back out and get one. Damn, I hate having to use the thing-a-ma-jig to do the whatz-it-called.

UPDATE: A toaster. The correct answer for "What common kitchen item are you missing?" is a Toaster. Thanks for playing!


Tiff said...

You know what I had to buy for my first place? One of those things you put in a drawer to keep your silverware separated.

And then it didn't fit into a subsequent place so I ended up buying a metal basket with compartments (which I believe is in one of the tubs of stuff I brought up for you, if you need it.)

Fuzzy said...

I just got a toaster from the supermarket. Hooray!