Thursday, November 1, 2007

Getting to Know the Team

Last night, the Director of the IT Department invited several of the IT staff for dinner at his house. What does the IT Director and his wife serve for dinner. We had ribs.

No wait, that didn't come out right. Ahem:

We had RIBS.

That's more accurate. Usually, ribs are about 5 inches long, and come from a pig. These were between 7-9 inches, and I'm pretty sure they were cut from a dire boar, that had been hunted in an enchanted forest, and probably killed with no less than a +2 composite long bow. Even killed, carved, slow cooked, and slathered in BBQ sauce, this animal was intimidating.

Not as intimitdating as their dog, though.

At 10 months, Thor is gentle as a puppy, but has the dimensions of a small horse. I wanted to saddle him up and ride him into town. He's Half Bull Mastiff, Half Great Dane, and all power.

So, uh, yeah. Good Ribs. My coworker thought that this was going to be a business meeting, but no, this was just a thank you for the work done so far, and for the work to come. Also releaved a lot of my uncertainty about the job. He told us the learning curve is 6 months to know everything to a degree of competency, 12 months do do it well, and about 18 months to be the Guy Who Knows Everything. So now I won't feel quite as bad when I'm confused about how stuff works. The director and his wife entertain often, and throw their own party for the staff, in addtion to the Office's own official Holiday Christmas Party. (Yes unlike most companies these days, we have a Christmas party.)

I like my job more and more by the day.

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