Friday, November 16, 2007

Proud to be an Alumnus!

During my second year at California University of Pennsylvania, me and a few guys rented a house that was just across the street from the campus. You could spit onto the lawn from the porch, if you could get the angle right. One of the things that annoyed us was that the marching band would practice every day during football season in that field, and made it difficult to sleep off the hangovers concentrate on our studies. We'd sit on the porch and discuss maybe launching water balloons their way, or countering their sound with some big-assed speakers and some heavy metal.

Then just today, I saw a video on YouTube.

To the Marching Band of California University, I'd just like to say, I'm sorry for thinking ill of you. It's you that makes me proud to have gone to such a fine institution as Cal U.

You. Rock. My. World.

EDIT: My sister pointed out one detail that she thinks I overlooked. Look, the World Wide Web is the one place where accuracy just doesn't matter, so I'm not posting the comment here. If you give a damn about Fact Checking, and other BS like that, you can check the comments yourself.


Tiff said...

Dare I break it to you that the band in that video is from the University of California at Berkeley, rather than your fine insititution?

Fuzzy said...

They have the same name, same logo, and it's not like you can tell that from the video. I shall continue to live out my fantasy, with or without the rest of the world!

Tiff said...

Maybe if you squint real hard and forget that CUP's logo is in Red block letters, not yellow script...

But you clearly need a sarcasm tag.

Fuzzy said...

Um, we use the same logo with the same script in red, and that video was difficult to discern the color.

Bugger off!

ninjaterp said...

Do you mean to tell me there is a California University that's NOT in Pennsylvania???? Who'da thunk it?