Monday, November 12, 2007

Scatter Shot Post - 11/12/07

Lock and Load! Here we go:
  • When opening a new checking account, the most important thing to look for isn't interest earning or monthly fees. It's what kind of free gift the bank will give you. I love my mini-blender!
  • When looking for a place to rent in Wyoming, especially the Bridger Valley, it's important to know people. The woman that I'm renting from doesn't advertise, but rents by referal only. I was refered to by one of the members of the church I'm currently attending. He also owns the local grocery store.
  • Causes of gout: Everything. For each person it's diferent, but I've heard Stress, spicy food, beer, organ meats, gravy, certain vegtables, oatmeal, blinking to many times in a minute. An tip from a coworker who has delt with this and knows other people who have: Cherries. Eating cherries has worked for EVERYONE she knows who tried them.
  • New Hobby: Pox Nora is basically a computerized version of a miniatures combat game. It's worth a look.

That's all for now. Next time, I'll let you know the REAL reason why computers break down.

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