Monday, February 11, 2008


So, I've been talking to some old timers around here, and I got the long term perspective on the weather. Here's the pattern: Wyoming winters operate on a 15-20 year cycle that go from "Worst Winter in 15 years" to "bad, not as bad as last year" to "ah, nice and mild" to "Um... shouldn't it be snowing, or something?" From what people have told me, this is the worst winter for driving in a LONG time, and for the thrity-somethings, this is the worst winter since they were in high school. I timed this move perfectly, so it seems. But hope remains...

...For at last, we have had tempatures above 32 degrees. Those piles of snow that have been sitting around since december are starting to get softer, smaller, more fluid. I did some laundry yesterday and while it was spinning around in the dryer, I went outside to take a walk, some pictures, and breath of fresh air... without said air freezing the insides of my lungs. two days prior, there was an inch of ice covering just about all the local streets and roads, with only a one foot diameter patch of pavement showing. Yesterday, however, I saw this all over the place:

Road Rivers

Meltage. I walked back to the laundromat with my jacket off. On the ride home, I was able to drive with my windows rolled down for the first time since November, both becuase of the tempature AND because my windows were no longer frozen. We've still got a month or so to go before winter is truly at it's end. But for the first time, I can see the warm light glowing at the end of this frosty tunnel.

Also, check my update to my previous post, with the picutre I wanted to post with it. I promise to stop posting about the weather so often (I think this is four, just this year!), but my post count may drop, as a result. Sorry, but this really is all that goes on up here.

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