Thursday, February 28, 2008

Living Alone, and its Benefits

Why is it great to live alone, outside the shelter of one's parents, and without the loving companionship of a spouse? Or even the commraderie (and rent payment) of a roomate?

Becuase I'm sitting in my chair, quitely surfing the Intarwebs, while eating a bowl of Cap'n Crunch w/ Crunch Berries.

I'm fully dressed right now, but reserve the right to make this a "Pants Free Zone" at will. When all of the U.S. is a Pants Free Zone, only criminals will wear pants.

If anyone wants to see what this household shall be like after the fabric shackles of pants are gone, look no further.


ninjaterp said...

OK, but please try to practice walking without knuckles dragging in your home 1-2 hrs a day just to keep the your option of future significant other open. I still want grandkids SOMEDAY!

Keppie said...

I've just been rickrolled! Curse you fuzy!

Fuzzy said...

I've been waiting for someone to taste the 'Roll! Thank you keppie, for being the first Victim (to admit it).