Thursday, February 7, 2008

God has a Snow Blower

How much snow do we get up here? Hard to practically measure depth in inches or feet. I have a large bare patch on my lawn with visible dirt, that measures about 5ft in diameter. On the edge of my rental property, There is a fence with snow piled up to about the same height.

Wind + Snow = Snow Dunes

They're kinda like the sand dunes of the tundra, really. But what I want to know is in spite of the bare spot on my lawn, the constant snow blowing overtop of the roads, why in the hell does the snow pile up in my driveway every friggin day'??

UPDATE 2/11/08: Now I have a picture of it. This was taken when things began to melt, so the patch is now 15 feet in diameter instead of 5 feet. The snow dune up against the fence looks about right, though.


Anonymous said...

to compensate for the leaves you are no longer raking

Mark said...

you should get a dog sleed team to get around

Mark said...

Will it Blend?