Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

Since I made the Exodus about 4 months ago, 3 pairs of my friends have entered into relationships. One pair was a long time in coming; myself and about, oh... 20+ people waited impatiently for this relationship to get started.

The other two pairs came as a shock to me, and makes me think about the interactions and events that weave around each other, entangling other people and eventually lead up to Big Things happening in my friends lives.

As this happened within the first 3 months that I had left Pittsburgh, I can now all but prove that I have an Circle of Protection: Romance, centered on myself that's 10 miles in diameter.

Anyway, Congratulations, guys on your new found love! Hope your V-Days are a blast!

And my condolences to my other friend... Sorry, slick, but you really should keep away from anyone that we think would make good Goblin Breeding Stock.


Tiffany said...

That's not a Circle of Protection. That's Wyoming.

Mark said...

CoP is cast on yourself this is more of an enchant creature.

Fuzzy said...

Maybe it's Magic Circle Against Romance, then.

Any, dear sister, I was refering to the effect on my friends, not on myself. Although out here the emptiness does further complicate the Circle. I bet if I climed to the top of a hill where a cell phone tower would be, on a clear day, this would project about 30some miles.