Sunday, February 1, 2009

Victory - We Has It!

Superbowl XLIII Breakdown:

First Team to win six Superbowls - Pittsburgh Steelers
Longest Returned Interception in Super Bowl History - James Harrison for 100 Yards
Most Epic Choke - Thowing an interception on the opponent's 1-yard line, resulting in the above mentioned return.

Total Yards:
Pittsburgh - 292
Arizona - 407

Pittsburgh - 7
Arizona - 11

Amount of Money I won in the Football Pool - $250
Amount of Money I lost - 2 bets of $5 each to coworkers. (Pittsburgh didn't beat the 7 point spread)
Net Gain -220 ( 250 - 20 in the pool - 10 to my coworkers)

Total Bullets sweated out by fans on both sides - 253,476
Cries of Grief - Approximately 6.5 million

Summary: The Cardinals' Offense overran our Defense, and certainly could have pulled it off, but in the end, made a lot of mistakes and penalties, and proceeded to choke.

Best anecdote from the night:
{After an interception by Pittsburgh was ruled as an incomplete on review}
Jim: *smugly* Sorry. :-)
Me: So instead of a turnover, you're on 4th and 6 on your own 35. You DO realize that you're just gloating over the fact that you suck less than was previously thought, right?
(Note: Jim is from Yuma, Arizona, and was able to provided me with a real home team vs. home team rivalry)

Best Pun: (From former coworker) I was really hoping Arizona would win, but it looks like it just wasn't in the Cards.

And now... a victory pose!

Starting on the Other Hand


Laedelas Greenleaf said...

Yay! One for the other thumb! Where did you get those stats for "bullets sweated"

Fuzzy said...

From the Federal Bureau of Numbers Pull from my Behind. :-)

Seriously, most news organizations use this as their foremost provider of statistics.