Saturday, February 28, 2009

Barroom Banter

UPDATE: I'll try and have my friends music derived profiles up by March 14th if I can. Thanks to all who participated!

The Fiance of one of my Coworkers and I were discussing music at the Barling Alley (the Bar in the Bowling Alley), and he told me that he could profile people based on their ten most favorite bands. I called BS and demanded proof.

He demonstrated this ability with people around the bar using only 5 bands, but he only gave details about them that he would already know about them. Small town life means you pretty much know everyone around, so he asked me to get lists of bands from people that I know whom he has never met.

So, folks, start posting your list of 10 bands in the comments. I'll try and have his results back in a week or two. Let's see how well the amateur Rock n' Roll Psychologist does!


Laedelas Greenleaf said...

...only 10 bands? I'm assuming classical composers count as a "band"...

Antonio Vivaldi
Georg Friederic Handel
Joshua Bell
Mute Math
Seamus Egan
Michael Buble
Imogen Heap
David Crowder Band

Sarah said...

10 bands ... ack.
Jars of Clay
Ralph Vaughan Williams
Josh Groban
Breaking Benjamin

Brian said...

Three Days Grace
Three Doors Down
Weird Al
Five Iron Frenzy
Blind Guardian

Jon said...

Well, here's a good test for you. Since I don't think I know who you are (got here from Laedelas' blog) and as long as you don't go researching who comments on her blog, and get back to me, you'll have a fairly difficult guessing anything about me other than by the bands I've listed below.

Unfortunately, the experiment might not work entirely, since I don't have lots of "favorites", but we'll see...

Robin Mark
John Williams
Keith Green
Rich Mullins
Twila Paris
Chris Rice
Indelible Grace
Tim Zimmerman and the King's Brass
Most anything by PDI, though not the harder/louder stuff as much
John Philip Sousa