Monday, February 16, 2009

Random Encounter: Level 6 Road Trip

As many of you know via random text messages I've been sending to all of you, I spend the weekend in the southwest. First a night in Las Vegas, then onward to Yuma. I would have sent you a text from the third leg of the journey, but I couldn't seem to get a signal in Mexico.

I just got back from a long drive, so I'll not expound tonight, but check back either late night Tuesday or early Wednesday for a lengthy post (might be broken up into several posts) and a massive Flickr dump. (Between hitting the 200 picture limit and close to a half gig of pictures to upload, I'll be upgrading to a pro account very soon.)


ninjaterp said...

Doesn't Mexico require a passport??? Was there smuggling involved?? Never mind! I probably don't want to know!

Fuzzy said...

Birth certificate and Driver's License is good enough until this summer when Boarder Patrol decides to Dole out the harshness.

See Mom, this is why I don't tell you about these things until after I safely return. :-)