Saturday, January 3, 2009

Getting My Nerd On

This weekend, through the Magic of the the Intarwebs, I'm going to join my old Steel City friends online for a Dungeons & Dragons session. Also my first time playing with the 4th Edition Rules.

At the end of this month, me and another co-worker will be attending an organized play event for Magic: the Gathering. I'm hoping for a good draft game after dumping the online game due to WotC's tone deaf response to my customer service complaint.

And this Summer, I'll be squandering three or four of my five vacation days to attend Origins, one of my favorite events that I had to miss out on last year. At last, I'm beginning to indulge in some geektastic hobbies, the like of which are rarely seen in This part of the country.

One last thing about Origins, they have a program where you can get one free Convention Badge good for full access to the show if they have never attended Origins before, with the purchase of another full access badge. Who wants to geek out with Fuzzy this June 24th-28th?

I know a lot of you have other commitments or limitations, but if any of you who have never been to Origins wants to go, and is able to go to Columbus, OH that weekend send me an email. The badge has to be reserved with the early bird registration, and that ends January 11th, so decided quickly!

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