Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Single Friends Are Droppling Like Flies

Less than a year into the Wyoming Project, and the absense of the Magic Circle Against Romance continues to manifest itself. Three more of my gang has gotten engaged (one of these was back in December, but I didn't get the call until April), two of these, I never would have seen coming.

I have one week's Vacation, three weddings, a Christmas Visit, and a Convention in 2009 that will all need my attention. I might need to look into a Credit Card with a good SkyMiles program...


Matt Horvat said...

Hey I'm glad to be one of those 3 friends. Question am I one of the two you wouldn't expect? Oh BTW Oct 25 is the date, if I recall isn't that around the date of the Fuzz's Birthday

Fuzzy said...

Yeah. Yeah you are.

I gotta say, if we were starting a betting pool on the sequence in which my friends tied the knot, someone would have just made a fortune by betting against the odds when you proposed.

Thanks for the date, too.