Friday, May 2, 2008

How Low Will You Stoop, Tiffany?

Ok, I gotta clear the air here, becuase someone decided to get in a cheap shot, not just on me, but my parents, whom I love wholeheartedly.

Just because *I* wasn't some kind of emotionally unstable problem child who needed the constant supervsion of parents, parole officers, and case workers that must mean Mom and Dad were soft on me.

You earned every Time Out that you spent in the Attic Pillory and you know it.

What you don't know is the seldom spoke of "Crossing Guard Incident" that got the family court judge to have her monitored for the next 6 months with a radio ankle bracelet, which you tried to remove by biting it off, hence the name of her blog.

Our beloved parents gave us every chance, every opportunity to better ourselves, but only one of us ever showed any real appriciation for it. I'm not angry that you choose to blame Mother and Father for this, but I'm honestly a little upset that you would try to hurt them with your words.

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Fight nice, children!