Friday, April 11, 2008

Scatter Shot Post - 04/09/2008

Let's jump right in shall we?
  • Within three weeks of review day, we lost two employees. I'll not post the circumstances of each on the Intarwebs, but now we're looking for one entry level and one experienced programmer position in the IT department at our company, so those of you who know me, contact me for details if you're interested.
  • On weekends, I often visit a co-workers home and play board games with his family. His wife is a gentle soul, that doesn't have a competitive bone in her body, and she's made alternate rules to Settlers of Catan. The short of it is, the robber is out of the game, and anyone who rolls a 7 gets a free resource of his/her choice. Sounds fun on the surface, until you realize that it nullifies the ONLY way a person can directly affect the game. Way to destroy a game dynamic, there.
  • In the IT department, we have two or three chocoholics, the majority of whom are Mormons. I guess when your religion forbids alcohol and caffine, chocolate is the closest thing to a vice that you're allowed to have.
  • In other game news, Magic Online has shut down its 2.5 servers, and will go up as the new and improved Magic Online 3.0 server. As someone who has dealt with a server crash in the middle of a draft several times, I'll be looking forward to something that has a bit more stability.
  • It's April. It snowed here (lightly) for three of the last five days. I'm not pleased.

That's it for now. Good day!


Laedelas Greenleaf said...

Chocolate has caffeine in it!

Fuzzy said...

SHHHHH!!!! don't tell them that! They'll crack!

Actually, I think it's ok in small amounts. or if it's sugary enough.

Mark said...

I would fit in good there, I like Chocolate, I don't drink or smoke.

It's also exposed to snow here come sunday if what I hear be true.