Monday, February 8, 2010

Scattershot Post: This time, it's personal!

  • About a month ago, my Director was asking the locals if they had an old anvil that they weren't using. Like, 18th century blacksmithing tool, drop-on-a-road-runner-for-hilarity type anvil. No kidding. The man who had one declined politely; he didn't want to give it up. I love this state.
  • Happiness is a local bar that has Fat Tire on tap.
  • Looks like I have made back my initial investment on the Karaoke System. Next stop: Profitville!
  • For Christmas, my folks gave me a sweet gift: Three independently controlled 2.5 qt crocks in a single unit:
Triple Crock Pot

Its first appearance was at a coworker's Super Bowl party. It performed admirably!
  • And now, I leave you with Miss Murder by AFI. Before you comment that this is the wrong song, wait until the long-assed emo-intro is over at about 1:46. If emo-ballads transitioning to punk rock isn't your thing, maybe this will persuade you to watch: It has bunnies!!


Laedelas Greenleaf said...

anvils are cool...

Wyoming Princess said...

I LOVE Fat Tire! And I don't think anyone in Laramie has it on tap anymore. Color me ticked. And I love that crockpot set up.