Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Running the Show

When my mother was visiting for a night up here, I took her to the only fun place in town on Friday night: Bridger Valley Lanes for a night of Karaoke. Yeah, it would have been better to see some of the more nature oriented things, but she had to catch a plane in Salt Lake the next day.

The man who runs the show is getting ready to move out to one or two places, but wanted to sell off his old Karaoke system. The original deal with the proprietors of the Lanes was beginning to fall apart so I did the only logical thing.

I bought it.

So, um... I guess now I'm a Karaoke Master, or something.


1 comment:

Wyoming Princess said...

You could get business cards that promote this new aspect of your persona: "Fuzzy the Karaoke Master." It has a ... something ... to it.
(Side note: My verification word is "sterf," which is like a smurf, but not ...)