Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Three Lesser Nuggets of Happiness

1) Receiving a package from Woot.com. Today, it was three mini-Hibachi grills, semi-disposable, quasi-reusable, made to be portable. The three combined cost less than the five bucks shipping.

2) Opening my gas bill to find out that Questar is giving a rebate to customers due to lowered gas prices, thus bringing this month's bill to -$0.45. Hooray!

3) Mowing down my openents with HeavyWeaponsGuy in Team Fortress 2. Especially those obnoxious little Scout punks. Always trying to take my Sandvich...

1 comment:

Wyoming Princess said...

Happiness is happiness, sir, whether it be in the form of a semi-reusable and extremely affordable hibachi grill or a winning lottery ticket. Find happiness where you can. And congrats on the gas bill.