Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Other, Cooler Wizard Named "Harry"

About a year ago, my sister recomended a series of fantasy books to me, about a wizard that freelances as a Private Investigator to make ends meet. I was never interested enough in that Potter kid to bother picking up one of his books, but this sounded a little more realistic, and I needed something to read in order to get me through George R.R. Martin's epic writer's block that keeps him from delivering A Dance with Dragons, or Robert Jordan's terminal case of Dead that prevented him from finishing the Wheel of Time series (Next WoT book via Brandon Sanderson due out this fall!).

So I picked up the first book with some old B&N gift cards I had lying around and gave it look through. I was curious by the end of the first chapter, drawn in by the second, and unwittingly gave up an entire Saturday to finish it after the third.

Harry Dresden has an office in the City of Chicago, where he gets by on contract work form the Special Investigations team of the CPD, and the occasional divining request to find lost objects. Other fun things discussed are:
  • How to trap a fairy
  • Modern Technology:Wizards :: Snails:Salt
  • Why you shouldn't tell your name to a wizard or any creature from the Nevernever.
  • Potions: General principals on mixing and brewing
Thankfully absent are Quiddich games*, British brats, and Wizard boarding schools. It's a light little read, so pick it up if that kind of thing interests you.

*When Potter decides to form a Quiddich league that uses Australian Indoor Rules, I might get on board.

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Wyoming Princess said...

Don't be so down on the Other Harry, Fuzzy. He's a good guy. Really, he is. However, I may take your advice and meet this Harry some rainy weekend. I'll let you know ...