Thursday, October 29, 2009

Follow Up on my New Computer

One year after I really wanted to, I finally replaced my Laptop with the Glowy Blue Beast Box for my primary computer. Take a moment to stare at The Awesomeness:

My New Blue Computer

Oooooh, pretty!

So, what did I do first? Well, let's go through the list chronologically:
  1. Connect to the Internet
  2. Got to order my free upgrade to Windows 7
  3. Installed Zone Alarm
  4. Played a game of Pox Nora (a game that's not graphically intense, and STILL manages to send my laptop's CPU into overdrive, overheating, and forced shutdown)
  5. Downloaded Microsoft's free anti-virus utility recommended by a coworker.
  6. Attempted to install aforementioned tool, installer froze and the process had to be killed
  7. Succeeded installation of tool, another freeze-up and kill episode on updating it
  8. Curse Microsoft
  9. Attempted to install one of them new-fangled MMORPG thingies that are all the rage with the kids these days. The installer freezes and locks up, much like the Anti-Virus tool.
  10. Repeat previous step 4-5 times; curse Microsoft
  11. Begin to suspect that the ZoneAlarm program mentioned in step 3 was having difficulty on a 64-bit system, being a 32-bit progam and all.
  12. Uninstall ZoneAlarm, reboot, subsequent attempts to install MMORPG and run Anti-Virus are successful
  13. Sheepishly recant curses directed at Microsoft
  14. Played through the Eve-Online Tutorial. Remembers how it feels to be impressed by Good Graphics.
And so, the adventure continues. I'm going to have to hook up this laser printer too, and see how that action works.
So, between the myriad PC games that are now open to me, the next Wheel of Time book that came out two days ago, and the fact that I just got another coworker addicted to another old hobby of mine (he was an easy sell) My leisure time is booked until further notice. At least it's getting cold now, so I have a good excuse to stay indoors all day! :-)

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wax&seven said...

hi i read your page and i like it..while i was reading you page you make me smile;-)do you have facebook or any email add..oh!by the way you can call me wax(female)i just hope i could have that chance to be your friend tale care