Monday, October 5, 2009

Shipping and (hopefully) Receiving

I just placed an order with Barnes & Nobles, using up all but $1 and change of my gift card balance. What's really on my mind is will the UPS guy be able to find my new address? Apparently, it's in none of the Postal Databases, probably due to my building not existing until a few months ago. Living in friggin' nowhere probably doesn't help.

I have the option of shipping to my work address, a frill that my company cordially provides. But I figured that since these gift cards didn't represent an actual investment on my part (they were a Christmas gift from my workplace) that an order with them would be a good test.

By the way, having a gift card is the only reason to buy from Barnes and Nobles as opposed to, say, Amazon. B&N's books are about 10-20% more expensive, and even with the members discount (you have to pay for membership) and they charge sales tax. Both of these, I'm sure, are the results of being based in New York, which decided to start charging Sales Tax for online transactions. The high cost of doing business in that state causes them to raise prices, which causes me to go to a retailer than can provide the same stuff cheaper, which in turn (provided enough people do the same) causes B&N to go under or leave the state, cause the state of New York to lose the new taxes they are attempting to collect, plus the ones they had received before the Online Transaction Tax took effect.

NY needs to take a lesson from their comrades in California before they end up the same way. It might not happen for several years, but they can't afford to make the cost of business greater than it already is for New York Businesses.

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