Monday, March 30, 2009

Barroom Banter - The Exciting Conclusion!

At the end of last month, I challenged a friend who claimed to be able to create a general profile of a person based on nothing more than their ten favorite bands. This morning, I finally got the results back from the submissions in the comment section. I didn't use anyone's names when I handed him the list. How'd he do? You tell me:

Laedelas Greenleaf:
Probably oldest of the 3 {I assume he's referring to the three people who respsond to this}
Quite Reflective Type
Financially Stable
Sarah, the Wyoming Princess:
Close to 30 Years Old {Due to your recent posts, I'd bet this hits pretty close to home, eh?}
Fun loving, friendly type
likely single or has usually been so
possible female {I'd say pretty close, but he gets a penalty for using the qualifier "Possible", hedging his bets regardless of gender}
Brian (no link due to only having mySpace/Facebook web presence, and my disdain for all of them):
Youngest of the 3
Probably a bit obnoxious in comparison to the other 2 guys or gals [in this post]
Into more technical type stuff
For reference, the age ranking of the participants from Oldest to Youngest is Sarah, Laedelas Greenleaf, and Brian. All opinions posted here are not mine, printed verbatim (with some spelling corrections) and are for entertainment purposes only.

My personal take on this is that while he didn't give up enough detail, he's reasonably accurate for most of these, based on the little glimpse of personal data you could glean from Music Tastes. If anyone else wants to give it a try, you may post in the comments. I think next time I'll give him some more guidelines. Like no weasel words, such as "possibly". Participants, give me you're thoughts in the comments regarding the results.


Wyoming Princess said...

your musical psychic gets a thumbs up ... I'm impressed.

Laedelas Greenleaf said...

Financially stable! HA! I suppose that would depend on your definition of "stable..."

Nice. Most people think I'm older than I am, though most people don't meet me through iTunes.

Brian said...

obnoxious? ouch. what does he mean by technical? what he gave isn't much more of a general profile than anyone that's good at cold reading can do. it's like saying that someone is kind of shy in new situations although they long for friendship and companionship. i call shenanigans.

Fuzzy said...

Yeah, I know, this is basically a cold read, but remember that he had nothing to go on besides ten bands you like.

Sorry if you were expecting a little more depth, and yes, this guy is full of it, but not as much as I originally thought.

Laedelas is an outlier; she doesn't dosen't fit the profile.

Wyoming Princess's was pretty darn close.

Brian, I think yours was hit and miss. Your not obnoxious, but maybe just a little in comparison to the other two people on this list ;-)

I'll probably try this again in the future, but I'm laying some ground rules on what kind of information he has to provide.