Thursday, March 19, 2009


Ever have one of those days when you need to punch something stupid, and everywhere you look there's Opportunity Targets?

No, I didn't do anything rash, it was just more of the usual piling up, on the day before what is probably going to be a stressful weekend.

It doesn't help that Salt Lake City and Pittsburgh have no direct flights going back and forth. My apologies in advance for all of those people that I'll be within 15 miles of, and not be able to visit. My paltry vacation time is spread thin this year due to two weddings, my jaunt down south, and some badly needed Me Time. Seriously, nobody else I know is allowed to get married until after October. I forbid it!


Wyoming Princess said...

this is why blogs are fabulous. Verbal punching. Just leave the names out. Hope things get better.

Brian said...

by the way, i know this is kind of short notice and all, but i'm getting married next month after finals are over. i've chosen you to be the best man.

Fuzzy said...


Sarcasm and the like is difficult to detect in printed text, so for right now I'm going to say "Ha! very funny! Had me going for a minute there!"

...And then I'm going to say if that's the case, then I hearby order you to postpone the wedding until November (next month?? Did you knock her up or something? :-)