Saturday, July 5, 2008

Local History

I took a local field trip over to Fort Bridger on July 4th in order to take in a little local history. The Ultra Condensed version is this:

First it was a Mormon camp on the way to Utah, Then it was a frontier trading post (run by Judge William Alexander Carter), then they attached a Fort to it. This all happened between 1840 - 1890. Eventually, most of the buildings were sold and hauled off, but a few hung around and became tourist traps.

Officer's Quarters

Here's the pictures. Enjoy!


Emma said...

OMG! You crack me up! I used to live in the Bridger Valley but moved to Iowa about 10 years ago. There are a TON of Valleyisms. I'm sure you are enjoying them daily. I hope you get a chance to go up to the mountains - China Meadows is really beautiful. There are lot of great places to fish - if you do that sort of thing. I'm actually going back to the Valley next week. Check out Fort Bridger over Labor Day weekend for the mountain man Rendezvous - that's a cultural experience you won't forget! I'm not sure if it's as much fun as back in the day - when there was another bar in Fort Bridger that was always hopping that weekend. I'm guessing you probably work at Union Tel. I really miss the cool nights in Wyoming - it'll be a hot day but cool in the evening. I have a lot of great memories (and some not-so-great) of the Valley - but that's life. Enjoy! - Emma

Fuzzy said...

ahh, the Rendezvous! I've heard such great things about it. I'll be there will bells on!

Well, not bells, but... um... clothes. or something. uh... Anyway, I'll definatly be there.

You guessed correctly regarding the identity of my employer, and as for a local bar, there's usually a get together with co-workers at Bridger Valley Lanes. (And thanks for reading!)