Monday, January 14, 2008

Check out my Cubicle Buddy

So, my friend Pearce bought me a Gargantuan Blue Dragon before I left Pittsburgh. Sort of a going away present. The idea was that I can use it in Miniatures games, or Dungeons & Dragons RPGs. Pretty cool, but I'm still looking for players, and I'm probably going to look outside the Valley. There's just no one around here who plays, and as I mentioned on this blog before, the closest group I know is in Salt Lake. So for a while he just sat in his box, bored. You can't keep something this sweet looking tucked away in a box, so I brought him into the office as a 'pet'. His name is Sparky; simple, common, probably obvious, but suitable (he breathes lightning at those who displease him or take his candy). As I don't own cats, I decided to make a loldragon:

Blu Dragn haz Candeh

As to where all that candy came from, here's the explaination. The local gas stations and convieneince stores often do a promotion where they put their overstock of candy bars on sale. These candy bars will all be of a particular brand (nestle, M&M/Mars, Hershey, etc). So when I drop in for some other item, I make an impulse purchase and drop a buck on 3 candy bars. snatching up M&Ms, Butterfingers (a favorite of mine), Butterfinger Crisps (my favorite with an improved texture!), and the Take 5, a wonderful little bar from Hershey that my sister has already talked about.
My problem is that within the last year or so, I think my sweet tooth has faded into retirement. So I'll buy three, eat one, and before the last two are gone, I'll buy 3 more for a buck, resulting in a candy glut. So, I deicided that Sparky needed a horde, and seeing has I had no gold handy, I brought him my neglected chocolate. I explained to him that at least in the office, this is considered more precious than gold, so he's satisfied.


Mark said...

so special, I but bet it has a soft underbelly.

Fuzzy said...

Nah, if a dragon eats enough nougat, it gets DR 5/Diabetes. As long as he takes his insulin, he's fine.