Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Last Guys' Night Out

Yesterday, myself and 3 of my closest friends, 2 of them I've known since 8th grade, went to one of our favorite revelry locations: Dave and Busters. For those of you who don't know, it's like a video arcade that's aimed towards adults (If any of you have a GameWorks in your area, it's basically the same thing). In the center of the arcade area, there's a full service bar, flanked by restaurant booths. Also, unlike most arcades of days gone by, If a machine isn't working, there's a switch that lets you summon an attendant to fix your problem and provided a refund if needed. How often have we wished we could've had that when the Pac-Man game stole our quarter?

So, anyway, last night I redeemed the+ 8000 prize tickets for a whole bunch of glassware and a milkshake machine... because, um... it's a friggin' MALT MAKER! Do I need a reason to own one?!? The original plan was to just save up the tickets until I could afford something from the ridiculous 20,000 and up range, but due the lack of D&Bs in Wyoming, I cashed out yesterday. Just 30,000 more, and I could have had a 12 inch Black and White TV!!

Meh... I'm better off with the glassware with the Logo all over it.

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