Thursday, October 18, 2007


Today, I got an email from the pastor of a church that I was attending for a while, and aparently, he has a blog of his own. He also does a podcast each month from a site called Ordinary Means. The past few months, there's been the topic of baptism that's being discussed/debated between John Piper and Wayne Grudem. Shaun Nolan was following this, so I'm posting this becuase I have freinds who find this stuff facinating.

Shawn's Post on "That Whole Baptism Thing"

The follow up post regarding Grudum's repsonse to Piper.

BONUS ROUND: The August podcast from Ordinary Means where Jack Kineer speaks about Baptism, and also the Federalist Vision. Click here to find Nolan's introductory post, and click on the link for the podcast.

Mito, I'm posting this for you, buddy!

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