Saturday, August 29, 2009

Moving Day

I'm writting this from my old house, which is nearly empty, save for the kitchen, which I was never able to get properly packed in time, and some debris on the floor, some of which will be moved today or tomorrow. The bulk of my Stuff is at the new place. The apartment, while smaller, is better than I expected.

First, the kitchen. It has a dishwasher, replacing the inefficient dishwasher I was using before (that would be my hands). It has a microwave that's mounted to the cupboard, replacing the model my sister gave me, which had an underpowered turntable that came dislogdged unless you balance the weight juuuust right, and took up more counterspace than it needed to. The oven/rangetop is new. For me, this means the burners are all even, so when I put a saucepan on the front-left burner, it will stay put, rather than slide clean off like the previous one did. Dangerous AND annoying!

Next, the heating. It's all electric, so my gas bill is history, although the electric bill rising will offset that slightly. All of the rooms have their own thermostat so I can kill the heat in the rooms I'm not using, saving a little more money. And they have this new thing in home construction called insullation that's all the rage. They put some of this stuff in the walls, and it not only keeps the cold from coming in, but it also- and this is where it gets amazing- keeps the heat inside! I'm certain that this technology wasn't around when they built my last place.

Additionally, I'm told they did some soundproofing on the walls and ceilings, so I won't have little old ladies above me pounding on the floor with their canes, screaming to turn down that noise so she can hear her stories.

There was one casualty in the move. When my friends' truck pulled away, my car was parked next to it with an open door which had caught between some of the rails in his trailer and pulled the door the wrong way. So, now I have a nylong strap holding it shut, and I'm going to get a few estimates on the repairs on Monday (Yes, his insurance will cover it).

So, I'll have picutures for you later. I'd have them today, but the transfer cable for my camera is in a box somewhere.


Wyoming Princess said...

Hurray for Fuzzy's new digs! And now you won't have to go ice skating in your bathtub. Good things, good things!

Laedelas Greenleaf said...

A large mysterious man said I might see you this weekend? (Guess what? I'm moving too!)