Saturday, April 18, 2009

Grubbin' With Fuzzy - Quiche

A logistical miscalculation regarding a breakfast potluck at the workplace left me with over a dozen raw eggs, in addition to the dozen I had recently purchased for my own groceries. Looking for recipes that uses several eggs, I decided to make Quiche.

Alton Brown renames his quiche as "Refrigerator Pie", in order to get people around the loss of Man Points associated with consumption of the dish. Being the secure kind of guy I am, I rolled up my sleeves, turned up my upper lip in tough looking sneer... and made pie crust.

The pie crust wasn't as difficult or time consuming as I thought it would be, but I had to use all butter for lack of shortening (I don't bake enough to justify buying it) and had to substitute an old glass soft drink bottle for a rolling pin, which worked surprisingly well. Not having made pie crust before, I was a little worried that the baked crust contracted back into the pie pan leaving the crust a little more shallow than I expected, but I think I successfully patched it up with another ring of dough around the edge.

Now for the filling: 5 eggs and one cup of milk for the custard, and some chopped spinach, cheddar cheese, and left over chicken pieces for the fun stuff. About a half hour and 375 degrees later, I had emasculation pie quiche.

Verdict: Turned out pretty well. I'll try it again sometime, maybe using the traditional Quiche Lorraine ingredients. As for the old addage "Real men don't eat quiche,"I think that I'll let Joel Veitch from Rather Good handle that one: Man Quiche.

Warning: Do not wander around on alone. It contains several affronts to one's good taste, and will assault your values. Then again, I would like to get my hands on some of that HoverBacon...


Tiffany said...

I generally make quiche with 3 eggs and a cup and a half of half-and-half, but whatever ratio works for you is cool. But I confess: Pillsbury pie crust (usually in the refrigerator case over near the tubes of cookie dough) is generally what I use. Because I'm not mixing and rolling out a damn pie crust when I get home at 7:30 from work. Buying the pie crust means I can make quiche on a weeknight when I'm tired. Otherwise it would be a weekend project.

Fuzzy said...

Yeah, I was thinking maybe next time, I'd just buy a crust. It's not like I'm competing in the Pillsbury bake-off or some nonsense.

The ratio of eggs to milk that I kept seeing was 4 eggs to one cup. I added in the last one after I determined that the pie wasn't quite full enough.