Friday, April 24, 2009

Drug Tests Won't be the Same Around Here

Nancy Braden moved up here from Michigan a long time ago seeking work, and took a job as an English Teacher. She later became the local librarian and then the admin assistant in our HR Department. Several of the long time staff that grew up around here remember her from her previous jobs when they went to high school.

I would chat with her from time to time outside while she and some of the accountants had a smoke break. She always sounded cheerful, like she always had life in a proper perspective. She even used some casual sarcasm to lighten the mood whenever she went around the office to inform people that they've been selected for our random monthly drug screening.

Last week we found out that we shared a common view on Tax Deadlines: Why get ahead of the game when you can wait until the last minute? We both have better things to do! She was definitely my favorite person in that department.

So it came as a shock to everyone when HR sent out an announcement that she passed away at her home on Thursday night. Thanks for all the laughs, Nancy. Whenever I have to urinate into a cup, I'll think of you! Umm... but in a respectful and tasteful way. ;-)


Judy Zimmerman said...

I am a friend of Nancy's sister Barb and would like to send flowers. Do you have service arrangement information or a phone number of the funeral home?


Audy said...

Hi. I am Nancy's cousin Audy from Michigan. We used to call each other the "Crab Cousins". I haven't seen Nancy for a while.......thank you for reminding me of what a fun and loving person she was. When I ordered flowers to be sent, Ruth, at the flower shop, had nothing but good things to say about her as well. We can always miss people when they are far away and hold onto the hope that we will see them again one day. But when that opportunity vanishes when you truly lose them, it's a sad and sobering reality. I'm so sad.
I love you Crab.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am Audy's brother and got a chance to see her and meet Terry when they came to Beaver Island, MI a couple of summers ago. She had not changed in spirit, and was as I had remembered her in our young adult days. Nancy and I have had a common friend for a while now, too, Bill W. My prayers to all those who will grieve the loss of Nancy with us. Phil B

Anonymous said...

I am a second cousin to Nancy. I send hugs to Kate and all the family.

The greatest memory I have is the summer of 1993 when I was 16. Kate and Nancy came to Beaver Island and stayed at the family cabin. We had the greatest time. This was the first time we had the opportunity to hang out. We went around the Island one day in Mike's suburban. I think it was a 1976 orange beast. Kate was driving/ Beaver Island has some narrow roads with blind spots. Kate would honk the horn, and it would get stuck and stay honking for a few seconds.

That day was so wonderful. She'll be missed.

Cousin Rach

Fuzzy said...

Looks like Nancy's family found the post.

Thanks to everyone for sharing your memories!