Thursday, September 30, 2010

Scattershot Post - Filler for September

Nothing of importance, really. but I don't want a gap in the blog archive that shows absolutely nothing for September. Topic? Lets pick... entertainment!

There's the Dresden Files Side Jobs book that's out next month, followed by the next to last Wheel of Time book out early in November, then another Dresden files book way out in April that'll continue the main storyline. Good reading! I need to go over the first Wheel of Time books again to re-familiarize myself.

Team Fortress 2 is without a doubt the game that made me love online gaming. Eve didn't do it; there's a reason why this game is nicknamed "Spreadsheets Online". Starcraft II didn't do it (as great as the game is, you're either the OCD Multi-tasker that builds five bases and two dozen Battlecrusiers/Carriers within ten minutes, or the guy that repeatedly gets overrun by the former when he starts building his first Siege Tanks. Usually, I'm the latter. (Also, sorry for the majority of you that had this paragraph go over your heads.)

I think I mentioned before that I do not have Televisions service of any kind, including the free over the air kind (signals don't get out to here), but now that an HBO miniseries based on A Song of Ice and Fire is in production, I may have to reconsider. Yeah, I could wait and buy the inevitable DVD collection, but... There IS something to be said for seeing it sooner than later. Then again, why have another monthly bill, especially for something that I'll never use? If this one doesn't make me call up DirecTV or Dish, then I don't think anything will.

Due to 1) the closest decent theater being an hour away, and 2) a lack of Television that walls me off from the primary marketing outlet for new movies, I haven't seen much that wan't on Netflix, and I still only bother watching maybe one Netflix movie a month. Still, I decided to go see Scott Pilgrim vs The World Last month, and have to say it was pretty good. Sadly, juding by box office returns, it looks like I was one of only about 300 people nationwide that actually paid to see it. This pretty much says it all.

One of the reasons why I adjusted so well to moving to Nowhereville, WY is that to me, a Saturday night at home is better than a night on the town, even when said town is hip and trendy. But I still have my karaoke, and I still run the show on Friday Nights. Good times!

I went to see Streetlight Manifesto Back in July, and in spite of a great show, I was reminded why I don't go to concerts. I can recreate the experience by walking into a sauna fully clothed, tape a picture of the backs of people's heads to my glasses, and just play one of their albums through. I could probably get closer and a better view if I was willing to muck about in the mosh pit, but I don't feel like getting shoved around by 19 year olds that have no other outlet for aggression. I'm just too old for that shit.

And now, posted with no explanation or reason, ELO's Don't Bring Me Down.


Tiffany said...

I feel exactly the same way about concerts. So generally only go to them at seated venues, or at places that have balconies for me to stand in. We have a couple of good venues like that here in DC, and then I just limit the number of artists I find interesting enough to check out live. I'm happier that way.

Brian said...

books: i finished the latest WoT book a week or two ago, so i'm pretty psyched to get my mitts on the dresden files. i wait with bated breath for them to come in the mail. also, i've managed to get amanda and josh both on the WoT bandwagon.

games: mostly been playing wow and the occasional xbox game. i made my way through x-men legends and play for an hour or so on legends 2, which is based on the age of apocalypse series, which is pretty cool. i know you're on the ps3, so i can't really recommend any games

tv and movies: i watch deadliest warrior when it's on, and that's about it. i could also go without tv with no problems. i haven't seen any movies as of late. i was impressed enough by your review of scott pilgrim that i swallowed my hatred for michael cera and saw it with amanda. it was surprisingly really good.

nightlife and music: i'm with you on the night at home rather than on the town. i, on the other hand, need a ready and willing supply of bodies to get some aggression out on when i go to the concerts i actually hear about and can afford. on a related note, amanda and i saw phantom of the opera at the benedum center for its fairwell tour. it wasn't as great as i'd hoped, but we still had a great time.

hope to hear more from you, man!