Tuesday, September 8, 2009

In Which Fuzzy Drinks The Kool-Aid

I have made no secrets that I don't like social network sites. Frankly, I never liked the idea of blogging in general. Not until I realized that it was the best way to update friends/family with my Wyoming escapades did I grudgingly decided to create Fuzzy Goes West. It was a better alternative to collecting a stack of email addresses and sending out a mass spam that only half of the people would read.

While at the Family Cottage in Pittsburgh, I learned that my Father was following my Sister on Twitter.

Let me tell you about my father. He is inherently distrustful of the Internet. For the longest time, He would refuse to bank or pay bills online for security reasons of his own imagination. I think he had visions of a masked man cutting the line to the DSL, holding the exposed wires under an burlap sack, and somehow pouring his money into it, perhaps in the form of pixelated dollar signs.

So, no, he demands paper transactions, pays with cash, despite the more likely scenario of identity theft through personal information left on some of those scraps of paper he holds dear.

But he follows my sister, on Twitter. I Lose. I had to do something about it.

And so, If you see my name on the Rolls of the Damned, you'll know why. Ugh.

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Wyoming Princess said...

you've succombed to the siren call of Social Networking! Dude ... dude. Welcome. I'll find you. We'll be friends. You'll see.