Monday, July 27, 2009

Road Quiz

Question 1: While going 60 MPH on the highway under construction in moderate traffic, a shredded tire from a semi truck appears suddenly from underneath the car in front of you. You have less than one second to react to this road hazard. Do you:

A) Swerve to the right and sidswipe an SUV
B) Swerve to the left and crash into a Jersey Barrier
C) Brake Hard, probaby run over the tire anyway and get rear ended for your troubles
D) Brace for impact, and run over the tire

Question 2: One week after running over a shredded tire, your car is overheating. In this situation, what is the most likely cause of this problem? EXTRA CREDIT: How much will it cost to repair/replace?

Question 3: True or False - Manuafacurer Warranties cover damage sustained from road hazards.

Time's up, put your pencils down, check your ansers against mine below.
əslɐɟ (əəɹɥʇ ;008$ 'ɹoʇɐıpɐɹ pəʞɔɐɹɔ (oʍʇ ;p (əuo :sɹəʍsuɐ


ninjaterp said...

Ouch!!! That'll ruin your week!

Wyoming Princess said...

Man, that sucks. Condolences, sir.