Thursday, December 6, 2007

Scatter Shot Post - 12/06/2007 - Grapeshot

This edition of SSP will have larger bullet points, but still to small and too many for a proper post for each.

  • I just moved from my cozy cubicle that I had to share with a person, to my very own personal cubicle, that I have all to myself... right near the major foot traffic path that leads to the breakroom. I'm still deciding whether or not that's a move up or down, but the coworkers refer to the person that occupies this cube as the "Lunch lady." No lie. (BTW, the cube location isn't merit based, but seniority based; I lost a coin toss to the co-worker that started the same day as me).
  • Since I moved out, I've been trying a new diet. Diet, refers not to a calorie-counting, fat reducing weight loss scheme, but rahter an adjustment to what I eat. Simply, I don't eat anything that I don't cook myself (almost). So far, I like it a lot, and I'm getting more enabled in the kitchen. I'll probably have a larger post about this some time in the future.
  • I still need to pickup a wireless router soon. Right now I'm parked in my room with a reclining chair that I dragged in here, with a blanket over me enjoying the warm glow of bandwidth. Not bad, but I'd like to be able to do this from the living room, but don't have the cable legnth. I'll probably wait a few weeks on it though.
  • The weather is always a the hot topic of conversation around here. I deeply suspect that the weather might be the most exciting thing in the entire Bridger Valley.
  • This Saturday is the office Christmas Party, a semi-fancy dress kind of deal (I have to wear a jacket), held at the local middle school. Aparently, it's a good time, and probably better than the parties of my previous employer. I think I mentioned before on this blog that we don't have a Holiday Party, we have an honest-to-goodness-baby-jesus-and-the-wise-men C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S party. Sometimes, living in Mormon country shows it's benifits.
  • My parents called me, looking for ideas for Chistmas gifts. If they read this post carefully, they may just find one.
  • Tonight, we are expected to have a big snowstorm. I'm hopeing to see endless white in the morning. This area has a much higher rate of White Chirstmases than PA does.
  • This has made my friggin' week: Prince Caspian Trailer - May 16th. W00t.


Laedelas Greenleaf said...

If a movie trailer made your week, maybe the weather is really the most interesting thing in WY. JUST KIDDING! I'm madly in love with the Chronicles of Narnia movie idea, in that I'm mad that they're making the books into movies but I love parts of it. (Example: Prince Caspian looks to be about 25 and has a friggen SPANISH ACCENT? But-ack, any scene with the kids in it is amazing! Lucy melts my heart.)

It snowed here yesterday. It's gorgeous, but will probably be gone by Sunday :-( If that highway is impassable, take pics of the snowfall!

Mark said...

The corect term for cubical is an "anti-productivity pod"

Fuzzy said...

Laedelas Greenleaf said:
"If a movie trqainer laide your week maybe the weather is really the most interesting thing in WY. JUST KIDDING!"

No, you got it. The hot topic was the storm that rolled in yesterday and this morning.

And yeah, the movies will abuse Canon, but that is the nature of the BooksToMovies. If one can accept that books turned into movies won't be completely accurate (which I can) I can love the movie as long as they keep the buchery to a minium...

and "anti-prodcutivity pod". I'll use that at work.